PLC’s gateway to the PC world

Inxton is a set of tools and libraries that work with Visual Studio and Twincat 3 to bridge the gap between Beckhoff PLC and PC. The core of the framework is a transpiler that creates a twin representation of your PLC program in the .NET environment.

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See the main reasons why to choose Inxton

Faster work

With its advanced features, such as the auto-generated UI or built-in journaling, Inxton will allow you to build more complex projects in a fraction of the time.

Easier changes

Enjoy fast and cheap scaling at any stage of your product's life cycle with a single point of change — we are talking minutes instead of hours!

Fewer errors

Use object-oriented programming to enhance your code quality, reduce dull and routine activities, and easily unit test when you are finished.

Introduction to Inxton

Inxton is not a .exe file that you install as a program; it is a set of tools and libraries that work with:

TwinCAT 3

From Beckhoff — a leader in industrial automation.

Visual Studio

Widespread IDE for every programmer from Microsoft.

.NET and .NET ecosystem

Rich, mature, and a proven open-source software framework.

How does Inxton work? In four simple steps.

  1. Code the PLC program — TwinCat 3
  2. Run the Builder
  3. Extend the solution in .NET
  4. Deploy, visualize, and collect the data

Inxton allows me to put the stress of doing repetitive tasks behind me while I am coding. It allows me to increase my focus on more meaningful work.

Peter Baranček,

Peter Baranček,
PLC Programmer

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