Autogenerate modern HMI from PLC code with one click

With Inxton, we are bringing a new vision to PLC programming. Inxton is a set of tools and libraries that work with Visual Studio and Twincat 3 to bridge the gap between PC and PLC programming.

Thanks to extensible templating engine, autogenerate a modern UI directly from .NET.

  • Use WPF or WinForms-based HMI (web-based coming soon) with a user interface based on Google’s Material Design guidelines.
  • You can modify an auto-generated UI as you wish, or as your clients’ standards require.

Why Inxton

Proudly runs in

Start building your projects with Inxton now.
You do not need to have a PLC.

You can download a preview version of Inxton to try it out first — experience all the benefits with absolutely no commitment! Then this feature is part of the Essentials package.

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