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Apr 112020

Part eight: Unlimited programming

It all started with a thought: what if we mirror the PLC program into some higher-level framework? We knew that if we could do that, a whole slew of new opportunities in PLC programming would open up for us and for everyone else, too. The sky (and our coffee supplies) was the limit!

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Apr 102020

Part seven: Why Beckhoff?

Among the existing systems, several solutions solve the issue of the object implementation we talked about last time. For us, the best solution comes from Beckhoff. The Beckhoff control systems are built on a sophisticated hardware solution for personal computers and a PLC core capable of running in hard real-time.

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Apr 92020

Part six: How to get out of this?

So, what do PLC systems need in order to walk alongside IT technologies?

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Apr 82020

Part five: Will Industry 4.0 save us?

Some voices consider I4.0 to be another "buzzword" that will lose its meaning over time and fall into oblivion. We should acknowledge that I4.0 raised enormous expectations. The implementation? That still is a big unknown.

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Apr 72020

Part Four: Tools matter. What can Australian natives teach us about modern PLCs?

PLC programmers are used to working with tools from a bygone era. Programming languages, approaches, and methods of programming; have gone through an evolution to attain development acceleration, testability, readability, and scalability of programs. The right and powerful tools enable you to deliver a solution faster, better, and cheaper.

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Apr 62020

Part three: Different ways. Different results.

For newbies, we will briefly describe the ways of programming PLC systems. Programming methods are now described by a standard (IEC 61131-3), which most PLC manufacturers follow either with greater or lesser fidelity rates. There are multiple ways to approach this:

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Apr 52020

Part two: PLCs are challenged

Last time, we concluded that when they came into being; PLCs had four great advantages — however, over the years, this situation has changed.

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Apr 42020

Part one: Rise of the PLC systems

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control systems now dominate industrial automation. They are managing anything from simple semi-automatic devices to the most complex systems like nuclear power plants.

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