We are a lot like you — we struggled with programming PLCs the old-fashioned way. That is why we found a better way

Inxton eliminates dull work and enables you to program Beckhoff PLCs with ease. Discover how to use the .NET ecosystem to make PLC programming much faster, and to ensure code is far easier to navigate.

What is Inxton? A set of tools and libraries built on solid ground.

  • Inxton transpiles a twin representation of your PLC program into the .NET environment, creating possibilities for extending industrial applications beyond their current limitations.
  • Write in C# or other high-level programming languages, and never lose precious time with Ladder logic ever again.

Get clean and readable code.

  • Call arbitrary .NET code from a PLC while maintaining a hard real-time of the PLC.
  • You will obtain code in C# or other higher-level programming languages as a result.
  • Deliver modern features and capabilities.

Generate a UI with one click.

  • Using “twins” of PLC objects, you can automatically generate a modern UI directly from .NET.
  • Use WPF or WinForms-based HMI (web-based coming soon) with a user interface based on Google’s Material Design guidelines.
  • You can modify an auto-generated UI as you wish, or as your clients’ standards require.

Connect to any data source.

  • Manipulate your database (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with a single line of PLC code.
  • Store your data in a repository of your choice via a unified interface (CSV, JSON, XML, NoSQL, SQL).

Respond swiftly to new requirements and changes to requirements.

  • Scale and modify your production line in minutes instead of hours.
  • Respond to change and add or modify variables at any stage of the development cycle.

When I first saw Inxton, it took my breath away. Everything was auto-generated! I can finally process mobile apps, data collection, history tracking, and graphs. None of which were possible with Siemens software.

Lukáš Grešo,

Lukáš Grešo,
PLC Programmer

Inxton allows me to put the stress of doing repetitive tasks behind me while I am coding. It allows me to increase my focus on more meaningful work.

Peter Baranček,

Peter Baranček,
PLC Programmer

Single point of change.

Only modify the PLC program — Inxton will take care of HMI-SCADA, and all the data for you.


Log any user action with no additional programming effort — every click by an operator is stored in a database.

Problem-free alarms and messaging.

Invoke alarms and alerts with a simple line of PLC code.


There is no need to put in additional effort to provide your customers with all the production data that they need — Inxton is able to do this for you.

Start building your projects with Inxton now.
You do not need to have a PLC.

We know — changing the way you work can be challenging. That is why you can download a preview version of Inxton to try it out first — experience all the benefits with absolutely no commitment!

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