Machine owners prepare your assembly lines for the future!

Simplify the work of operators, technicians, and maintenance workers.

Easy to use.

Inxton makes assembly lines easier to navigate with an HMI user interface that follows the design principles set by Google.

Full traceability.

Get all the production data you could ever need to optimize your processes. Stay on top of the ever-changing industry standards by becoming data-driven.

Inxton allows us to remain efficient yet flexible as we grow, even when we face production changes.

Peter Špavor

Peter Špavor

Cheaper and faster project scaling.

Scale your projects at any stage of development. With the data and rich visualization Inxton provides; you can scale rapidly, and on a small budget.

Easier to maintain.

The easy-to-use messaging system automatically generates warning messages and alarms; notifying you when something goes wrong with the production.

The first project was large, covering 17 stations and costing about 1.5 million. With Inxton, it was still manageable. Even though the requirements were constantly changing, we were still several times faster than before.

Feedback from user testing

Feedback from user testing

Full transparency with journaling & user roles.

Log any user action with no additional programming effort. Restrict or grant access to the people who need it.

Find errors before they become problems.

Stay on top of what has gone wrong with alarms and alerts that provide rich visibility into the source and cause of a problem.

Inxton helps us be more profitable. By saving time, we are able to finish more projects.

Peter Chmelár

Peter Chmelár

More control.

The product changes stay in the hands of the operator without having to rely on tech support.

Access to data.

Connect your lines to MES or REST API to send and receive data from the outside world.

I think Inxton will attract new people, open up a new market for components, Industry 4.0, databases, data collection, and much more.

Feedback from user testing

Feedback from user testing

Still not sure?

If you are still wondering if Inxton is the right solution for you, download our checklist. It will help you assess what specific problems you and your programmers might be facing, and how Inxton can help you.

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