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Inxton helps you to earn more for the work that you do, and your developers will definitely thank you!

Save time.

Reduce your commissioning time by as much as 70% — allowing your programmers to produce much more work in far less time.

Cover project complexity.

Bring rich visualization and data to a project of any size. Enable fast and cheap scaling at any stage of the product's development and life cycle.

Code error-free.

With the majority of the code being auto-generated; programmers can focus on what is really important — thinking about code structure instead of tedious copy and pasting.

Reduce costs.

The estimated cost of setting up Inxton as part of your workflow is a mere 2% of the total cost of your production line. With Inxton, you only pay for an individual machine. Buy it once, use it forever!

Because Inxton helps us save time; project planning and delivery have become more efficient than ever.

Project Manager

Be on top of everything with alarms and messaging.

Our messaging system automatically generates warnings and alarms to notify you when something goes wrong with production.

Leverage traceability.

Inxton can supply your customers with all the production data they might need in order to optimize their processes, and to comply with industry standards.

Empower machine operators.

Thanks to Inxton, any product changes can simply be done by the operators — eliminating such distractions for the programmers.

Know what is happening.

Keep track of all of the users’ actions within the system to discover the cause of any problems that might occur during production.

Inxton has its own libraries and communication blocks, but with Siemens; programmers have to create new blocks for every single project. It is definitely better for the programmer to use Inxton.

Peter Sojčák,

Peter Sojčák,
Project Manager

Start a project for free — only pay for the deployment.
You do not need to have a PLC.

Your programming team can try Inxton with no commitment whatsoever. Download a free perpetual license and discover all the amazing features!

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