Growing PLCs from Simple Logic Controllers to Complex Solutions

With more than 200k free libraries and a community of millions of programmers, there is no such thing as an impossible task with Inxton.

We are talking about, where programmers and companies share their libraries for free.

We are talking about C# developers, who are working on amazing products all over the world.

They do not have to work with simple logic controllers.

But we have to.

So, we have built a bridge🌉

A highway from a logic controller to a world where your solution can have any functionality you thought was impossible💻✅

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Jozef Chmelár
Community Manager

Jozef Chmelár

Hello! I'm a software engineer and community manager here at inxton. I'm probably working on a new feature or shooting a video for you...when I'm not in the office I ride on the wakeboard 🏄‍♂️ or I'm planning a trip somewhere🗺