How can we bring modern features from your smartphone to industrial machines?

Do you know this photo? It’s the first computer produced by the Elliot brothers 64 years ago and a Raspberry Pi. When we adjust the price for inflation, it would cost more than half a million nowadays.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can buy a much more powerful Raspberry Pi for a few bucks.

Or buy a phone for 200€ and you’ll get a great display, a camera, some games and plenty of apps. All this in your hand. And you don’t need a truck to carry this type of computer around 😉

Or buy an industrial controller for a few thousand which can’t tell what day it is today! (Not so simple in a PLC: What day is it today?) It also won’t send an email with such ease as you do it on your iPhone.

But why?

Simply put, due to the nature of the industry, industrial machines simply can’t keep up with new technologies.

The gap between technologies used in industrial machines and your phone is tremendous.

Inxton fills this gap and we can fulfill the demands of our customers which are getting more and more complex every year.


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Jozef Chmelár
Community Manager

Jozef Chmelár

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