How can we bring modern PC development to PLC?

Let’s start by looking at what PC and PLC developers have in common. To an untrained eye, it seems like they are doing the same thing.

They both solve problems by writing code.

The same logic applies to a car. An old car will drive you from point A to point B and so will a new car. But in the old car, AC is not working, performance is weak, your iPhone music won’t play, and for your own safety, you don’t drive further than 100km/h.

At Inxton, we were spoiled by PC development. PLC programming lacked possibilities and ease of use of the .NET environment.

We wanted to be as efficient in the PLC as we were on the PC.

So, we built a bridge with a highway on it. Every time we need one of the countless libraries, solve a difficult problem or deliver an impossible feature, we use the bridge.

Highways come with countless benefits for cars, people, and businesses and so does Inxton.


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Jozef Chmelár
Community Manager

Jozef Chmelár

Hello! I'm a software engineer and community manager here at inxton. I'm probably working on a new feature or shooting a video for you...when I'm not in the office I ride on the wakeboard 🏄‍♂️ or I'm planning a trip somewhere🗺