How Can We Focus on What to Do With PLCs and Not How to Do It?

You're a visionary. Even though you don't believe it 👀

You’ve got a vision. It's blurry, but with time it gets clearer. Blinded by the idea, you don't see any obstacles along the road.

That's good. There's a visionary inside you. An innovator.

The thing is that you will encounter an obstacle. You know that helpless feeling when you try to achieve some trivial task but something is holding you back?

You just want that picture to be in the middle of the document you're writing. But the formatting is a mess now.

Programmers often experience these frustrating problems 😤

They want to download an image and show it to you. They want to write some value to a remote system.

But the image can be in various forms. PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF. And they have to spend energy dealing with that.

The remote connection doesn't work because of a typo you still haven’t found.

Then your customer is wondering: What's taking so long? It's just an image!

Do you feel the same sometimes? Dealing with frustrating details instead of meaningful work?

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Jozef Chmelár

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