How can we use our laziness in a good way?😴🥱

Imagine, you’re sitting on the couch, watching a movie, while you’re supposed to do the other thing. Your dishes. It’s not hard work, but let’s face it – you’re probably too lazy to stand up from the comfort zone and do the unsatisfying work.

Later on, you do the job anyway.

Next time, you notice that space, which could fit a dishwasher. Then, you check out the pipes. Am I able to connect a dishwasher with ease or do I need to do something?

Eventually, you get to work. You will have to invest your time and money.

But the idea of never having to do dishes – it’s a small price to pay for utopia.

Your time you spent on making your life easier wasn’t wasted. Your laziness has been put into use and everyone is happy now 😊

We have invested our time into making a tool that makes programming more pleasurable.

Like a fisherman who would invest in high-quality boots – the programmer invests in high-quality tools. The quality of our lives depends on it. But sometimes those tools don’t even exist, so they have to be created.

If you use TwinCAT 3 and you supplement it with .NET - be it C#, F#, Visual Basic – we already put the effort into making the tool. So, you don’t have to.

You just enjoy the fruits of our labor – INXTON.

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Jozef Chmelár
Community Manager

Jozef Chmelár

Hello! I'm a software engineer and community manager here at inxton. I'm probably working on a new feature or shooting a video for you...when I'm not in the office I ride on the wakeboard 🏄‍♂️ or I'm planning a trip somewhere🗺