How can we utilize PC developers instead of PLC programmers?

During my studies never have I ever heard the word PLC.

But you’re a programmer, aren’t you? … Asked the project manager.

I am. I’ve just never heard about Ladder programming or Structured text. Like ever.

How come that this person is showing you the impressive programs she/he has built in their free time has never heard about something as common as a PLC?

PLC world is mostly hidden behind a “paywall”. You need to buy software, hardware, and probably book a training session too.

To build an app you need the phone you have and google “how to make an app”.

Let’s say you hire her/him.

It’s possible that she/he will be surprised how ancient PLC feels compared to the modern PC world.

A simple task may feel close to impossible.

It is frustrating.

What would you do if your new job required you to go to a post office instead of sending an email?

You would feel like you made a step back and that’s never a good sign.

PC programmers could feel this way too. They could do so much more but they’re limited.

Let them unleash their potential with a tool like Inxton. You as a manager will greatly benefit from it.

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Jozef Chmelár
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Jozef Chmelár

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