How to Eliminate Dull Work for PLC Programmers

Each of us is limited by time. You just cannot shrink it, neither stretch it. Time is relative, so working on something repetitive and dull feels like days. Eventually, it gets tedious. Sooner or later, you’ll make a mistake.

You probably know what we are talking about. We all have been there.

Now imagine if you had to rewrite every document you ever copied or scanned. How many mistakes would you make?

We know. You trust your automated copy machine and you focus on the importance of the document, and not on rewriting it. That’s where your focus aims at more meaningful actions.

Aim at more meaningful actions.

The same goes on with programming. The only difference is that you are not using a mechanical robot, but instead a software robot – a mechanical mind.

And we have created something that will allow you to do this. We have created INXTON, a tool that helps you improve your programming life.


How? Inxton will take the PLC code and create a .NET twin.

Furthermore, Inxton uses object-oriented programming to increase code quality. You can easily unit test when you are finished.

With the majority of the code being auto-generated, you can focus on more creative work, thus spend your precious time more efficiently.

As mentioned, time is relative and there is nothing to do about it. But one thing you can do is to spend it wisely and on more important and meaningful activities. So decide which path you are going to choose.

Decide wisely.

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Jozef Chmelár
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Jozef Chmelár

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