What is possible with Inxton?

The Inxton.Vortex.Framework is a tool that can shorten development time, improve workflow, and make PLC programming more accessible; by translating your PLC program data into .NET. There are multiple additional features that will help you program and manage your individual solutions. This article outlines the main features, giving a general overview of what is possible with Inxton.


The Compiler extends the reach of a deterministic PLC program into a feature rich .NET ecosystem. The PLC code gets translated into C#, a much more accessible, higher programming language, which makes programming easier and faster; using the principles of object-oriented programming, and relying on other proven programming patterns.

Auto-generated User Interface

Inxton generates the user interface automatically from your code, without any additional set-up or any dragging and dropping elements you have probably experienced with other HMIs.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

When it comes to developing native desktop applications; WPF is the obvious choice for many developers. WPF is a top-notch framework for Windows desktop application development, and Inxton makes good use of it!

Windows Forms (WinForm)

Some people prefer to use the older way of defining the user interface when it comes to native Windows — Inxton has no problem with this at all, and can easily be used with WinForms.


Inxton comes with an integrated alarm and messaging system you can easily invoke with a simple line of code from the PLC — no additional HMI modification is required. Make both the programmers' and machine operators' lives easier by providing them with a rich visibility into the source and cause of a problem.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

You are no longer constrained to the limited functionality of the PLC. Thanks to remote code execution; the whole .NET framework and its modern services are suddenly available to you, allowing you to execute arbitrary code from your PLC program.


Commands are coordination functions that allow you to invoke PLC logic from the UI/HMI. They also implement logging features; giving you the opportunity to monitor user interactions. The commands implemented in Inxton are easy to use and improve readability, and predictability, while adding a parallel execution environment.

User Roles

The introduction of user roles adds layers of protection in a very granular form. You can grant or restrict the users' rights to your application without any extra programming effort.

Task Coordination

Task coordination primitives give you and your customers an unprecedented level of visibility into the execution of your program. It comes with a built-in stepping mode for debugging both your program and the process (e.g. mechanical, electrical issues).

Data Tracking

Inxton is tracking all the data changes happening in your settings, along with who has been making them. If something goes wrong, you can easily return to the previous working state.

Data Traceability

Data traceability provides a powerful mechanism for the collection of production data. It collects the data into a data storage of your choice by calling a single line of code from the PLC program — making it easier than ever for machine owners to know if and how they should optimize their processes.

Data Repositories

Store your data in a repository of your choice via a unified interface (CSV, JSON, XML, NoSQL, SQL).


User logs provide more transparency and an easier time troubleshooting in case of an error — keeping all the essential usage information together.

What’s Next?

Now that you are generally familiar with the features that Inxton offers; try it out for yourself, absolutely free. The developer license allows you to explore the full functionality of the Inxton tools and libraries. Once you understand how much easier PLC programming and control can be; upgrading to a production license is simple. To see all of your licensing options; take a look at this comparison page, and find the solution that best fits you and your organization: http://www.inxton.com/pricing.

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Ladislav Šroba
Marketing Assistant

Ladislav Šroba