Why Inxton and How It Helps With Your PLC

Why Inxton

We are just like you – we have struggled with programming PLCs just like you might be right now. That is why we designed an environment to increase the efficiency of automation programmers. Inxton is developed independently, yet stays responsive to the programmers’ needs — to your needs.

How it can help you


With its advanced features, such as the auto-generated UI or built-in journaling; Inxton will allow you to build more complex projects in a fraction of the time.


Enjoy fast and cheap scaling at any stage of the product’s life cycle with a single point of change — we are talking minutes instead of hours.


Use object-oriented programming to enhance your code quality, reduce dull and routine activities, and easily unit test when you are finished.

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Ladislav Šroba
Marketing Assistant

Ladislav Šroba