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Developer license


Get a free perpetual license to see whether Inxton is the right fit for you and your Beckhoff PLC automation projects. Code with full features and deploy in a test environment (the limitations of the developer license are listed in the documentation).

When you are ready to commit

Core license

A good start for making data more accessible and your PLC easier to program.


Essentials license

Adding real-time data visualization to your application


Advanced license

Making the automated line secure with user roles and advanced utilities.

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Ultimate license

All in one

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  • Everything in Core license
  • An auto-generated user interface Info
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Info
  • Everything in Essentials license
  • Messages Info
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Info
  • Commands Info
  • User roles Info
  • Task Coordination Info
  • Everything in Advanced license
  • Data Tracking Info
  • Data Traceability Info
  • Data Repositories Info
  • Data Referencing
  • Journaling Info


With your purchase of Inxton, you are becoming a part of a vibrant programmer community. Apart from that, Inxton developers are available to help you, too.

Free supportPremium support
Forum with FAQ & videos
Priority email support
Private Hotline for Emergencies
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On-demand User Training

Learn how to implement and use Inxton for your company — our skilled programmers will be more than happy for you to visit us for a training session.

Twincat 3Beckhoff

(max. 6 people)

Familiarize yourself with Beckhoff’s TwinCat 3.2 days

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Inxton Fundamentals

(max. 6 people)

Set-up Inxton and learn how to use it.2 days

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Inxton Advanced Techniques

(max. 6 people)

Learn to use the more advanced features.2 days

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try Inxton for free?

Yes, Inxton is available as a free download with unlimited PC programming. Deployment run-time is limited; however, you can restart your application an unlimited number of times.

How can I pay?

We currently accept payment via bank transfer only.

Is there any kind of support provided to get me started?

Absolutely! Whatever package you choose, we will always provide you with free installation support, a plethora of online tutorials to help you at any stage of development, and a support forum where you can connect with other Inxton programmers.

Are there any further fees?

No, you only pay for your license.

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